Solo in Chicago: a Former Suburbanite’s Day in the City

When people ask me where I’m from, I always answer “uh, Chicago.” The “uh” is important here; it signals to the person asking (and frankly, also serves as a reminder to myself) that I’m from Chicagoland, but not the city itself. Despite growing up in a suburb that bordered Chicago, I seldom went into the … Continue reading Solo in Chicago: a Former Suburbanite’s Day in the City

AmBoy Eats

Last December, Chef Rhyan Guevarra and his wife Chi had a conversation in Hudson Yards over a Fuku chicken sandwich. Rhyan mentioned how good the sandwich was and Chi agreed, but she added that she thought he could make something like it too. “She asked, ‘Why don’t you do it?’” Chef Rhyan recalled his wife … Continue reading AmBoy Eats

Lost in the City

New York is a city of art; artists of so many different backgrounds, styles, and motives come out to the city. I’ve often wondered whether it’s the existing network in the city of artists or it’s the city itself that leads to new artists arriving here. Both are probably the case, but there is something … Continue reading Lost in the City

Pastaiolo e Sugo

I came across Pastaiolo e Sugo through the trusty Instagram algorithm that always seems to show me the coolest food businesses. Pastaiolo e Sugo offers fresh pasta and other homemade goods like sauces and fresh ricotta. And I think it really was some kind of social media fate that brought me to their page because … Continue reading Pastaiolo e Sugo

Mustard and Co.

My love for mustard has been a nearly 20-year affair, beginning from the French’s honey mustard that my mom used to put in my ham sandwiches for school lunch. Since then, I’ve tried every kind of mustard I’ve come across, from classic yellow to spicy brown to pickled whole mustard seeds. So when I found … Continue reading Mustard and Co.