Joy Cho Pastry

When Joy Cho Pastry showed up in my Instagram “Explore” page nearly three months ago, I immediately knew I had to order Gem Cakes. I’m a complete sucker for pretty desserts, as well as expansive flavors that go behind the classic vanilla and chocolate. It actually took me a while to get my hands on … Continue reading Joy Cho Pastry

Cafe Moca

Every so often, I find a really special place where I become a pretty regular customer. While I’m a major fan of cafes and coffee shops to start, Cafe Moca is special to me for a number of reasons. Their store was one of the very first places I grabbed a tea and a bite … Continue reading Cafe Moca

Sundae Service

What do you get when you have two sisters, a gifted ice cream machine, and an affinity for fun flavor combinations? You get Sundae Service, an ice cream delivery service that drops off some exciting pints at your door on Sundays! Sundae Service started during the summer of 2020 by sisters Liz and Debbie, after … Continue reading Sundae Service

General Irving

For the first time since being on Instagram, I was actually influenced to make a purchase. When I saw a jar of cardamom-saffron marmalade on General Irving’s page, I told myself that I absolutely needed a jar of it—and I don’t even like jam or preserves! So I took a long walk on the warmest … Continue reading General Irving

Slow Rise

I’ve lived in New York for almost six years now and I’ve been in nine different homes (if you decide to count college dorm situations) in several neighborhoods. I’ve never found a go-to bagel shop near any apartment I’ve loved enough to frequent on lazy Sunday mornings for breakfast. That’s not to say I haven’t … Continue reading Slow Rise

The Seneca

One of my favorite bars in Queens, or honestly in New York City, was The Seneca. After a hiatus, they have returned as a general store with an emphasis on local and handmade goods. Before the said hiatus, I had a lot of unique drinks at The Seneca including lemon-lavender beer and rumsicles—which are basically … Continue reading The Seneca